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Information security is crucial for any company in order to prevent risks, threats, and protect all information and data of its clients and personal ones. If you agree with us, we are sure you must be thinking about getting ISO 27001 certified in Kansas and if you are not, we highly recommend it.

The most common problem among companies nowadays is that they are unable to keep their information safe. And not only theirs, but also the one that was entrusted for third parties.

If you want an organization to grow and have more clients, you definitely have to invest time and resources in this aspect and not only quality and the usual areas.

ISO 27001 Certified-kansas

We encourage you to implement mandatory standards and fulfill requirements in other aspects but do not neglect those for your security such as ISO 27001. This document offers a guideline to establish an information security management system in your company and ensure you are able to improve it based on the type of information you manage.

For some countries, ISO 27001 is not mandatory and you can decide to establish this system without having to get certified in the standard. However, better results are achieved when you are able to develop a systematic, cost-effective, and efficient framework for your information.

This can be achieved with the guidelines and regulations of the ISO. Now, keep in mind ISO certifications are expensive not because of the cost of the certification itself but rather how long it takes to implement a standard and the resources you will need.

At IQC The ISO Pros of Kansas, we can assist you to implement ISO 27001, have your information security management system established or help you maintain and improve it if you already have one. By the end of the day, our team will guarantee you are certified and comply with regulations for the next 3 to 5 years when you need to get re-certified in the ISO.

What are the main objectives of ISO 27001?

Since it is aimed at information security, you can expect them to go around aspects in this area:

  1. Confidentiality: guarantees that the company establishes a very rough system to access the information, which should be able to be seen by specific people with the authorization only.
  2. Integrity: besides accessing and seeing the information, there must be another measure taken to prevent changes in it.
  3. Availability: it should be easy to access the information for those authorized for it.

Since implementing the right measures and guaranteeing that the previous objectives are achieved is quite expensive due to the investment required for the system overall, companies have to consider when is the right moment to get certified.

Our company will help you to determine this and start step by step with what you can do at the moment.

We don’t want you to spend all your resources on this ISO standard alone, but we do want you to get certified to have more chances to have clients and customers.

Therefore, leave it to our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Kansas, and expect the best outcome.

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